Jewelry Exhibition & Conference

“Personal Narrative Spaces”

Mission Statement

Without an audience, without the presence of spectators, these jewels would not fulfil the function for which they came into being. The viewer, then, is the ultimate artist. His sight, heart, mind – fusing with and grasping with greater or lesser understanding the intent of the creator – gives them life.Dalí

Highlighting the international platform and ensuring the outstanding quality of the exhibited objects are primary considerations.

This will be achieved through an active marketing strategy on both national and international platforms, the provision of high quality exhibition space and the professionalism of an international, expert jury.

A key objective of the exhibition is to highlight the aspect of contemporary jewelry creation that seamlessly integrates creativity and the expectations of modern design with practical wearability. To achieve this, we emphasize the establishment of a deep yet expansive connection between the pieces and the audience, bridging apparent contradictions.

The goal of the exhibition is to convey the messages embedded in the artworks in a permeating yet accessible manner, creating a more harmonious communication space between the makers, the creations, and the viewers.

The Jury

The international Jury members select the artworks to be featured in the exhibition and award prizes to jewelry pieces across three competition categories.

The call is open to all contemporary jewelry designers and artists, collectives, schools, and galleries from Hungary and abroad, regardless of age, education, and experience.

Dr. Jack Cunningham

Dr. Jack Cunningham

Emeritus Professor

Carlo Lucidi

Carlo Lucidi

Artist, gallerist

Magdalena Vélez Salinas

Magdalena Vélez Salinas

President, Co-Founder AdOC Contemporary Goldsmith and Jewelers Association

Katalin Jermakov

Katalin Jermakov

Ferenczy Noémi award winner jewelry designer

Balázs Bajcsi-Nagy

Balázs Bajcsi-Nagy

Artist, jewelry designer

István Simonyi

István Simonyi

Art historian, writer,  jewellery collector

Ferenczy Museum Centrum, ArtMill Malom Szentendre 2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi street 32.


The 19th-century building of the former sawmill is one of the most interesting and special exhibition venues in Hungary. Based on the idea of painters Dezső Korniss and Pál Deim, the gallery was opened to the general public on the initiative of For Szentendre’s Art Foundation in cooperation with the Szentendre Architects’ Club in June 1999. The founders aimed to establish a modern artists’ center. The museum currently hosts temporary exhibitions.

It is the atmosphere, the diverse, special spaces, and the over one and a half decades of professional history of the ArtMill that makes it a definitive center for contemporary art not only on a local but also on an international scale. It is the third most important exhibition space in Hungary thanks to its features and its temporary exhibitions visited by a large number of people.

Contemporary Jewelry Group Exhibition Series

“Individual Stories in Jewelry Design”

“Our exhibition series celebrates the beauty of life through individual stories and experiences in jewelry design. We encourage designers to draw inspiration from their ow journeys and create artistic pieces that pay homage to their lived moments, achievements, nd andculturaes, while envisioning the future.

Wenyin Jiang, Polaris

Inflow” — Network Award collections from the Milano Jewelry Week

Artists: Paradise Feathers – Andrezza Valentin (USA), Barbara Proverbio (Italy), Angelica Krieg (Germany), Wenyin Jiang (China)

Personal Narrative Spaces” — International Juried Contemporary Jewelry Group Exhibition.

The call is open to all contemporary jewelry designers and artists, goldsmiths, collectives, schools, and galleries in Hungary and abroad, regardless of age, qualifications, and experience.
Artists will also be awarded prizes in 3 categories. 

Conference in ArtMill
The photo was taken at the lecture of László Révész in MűvészetMalom


“InFlow” Conference

with national and international invited speakers.

The conference explores the intersection of new directions in creative arts and our unique, individual perspectives.
The aim of the event is to provide a comprehensive overview of fresh angles in contemporary design, the potential connections between current scientific discoveries and the arts, and to showcase creative processes that give meaning to this centuries-spanning dialogue.”


Prof. Péter Baranyi — Research Professor, Budapest Corvinus University
Katalin Jermakov — Noémi Ferenczy award winner jewelry designer
Dr. Jack Cunningham — Emeritus Professor
Dr. Ferenc Kiss — President, MTA GB Knowledge Management Working Committee
Magdalena Vélez Salinas — President, Co-Founder AdOC Association, Madrid
Carlo Lucidi — curator, Rome, Carlo Lucidi Gallery
Andrea Alt — jewellery expert


Frangipani Studio & Gallery — Szentendre, Hungary

Official Partner of Milano Jewelry Week.

Our mission is to reshape the traditional visual world of jewelry through the presentation of modern, contemporary jewelry and artists. For us, jewelry is a narrative artistic creation, that establishes an emotional and spiritual bond with both, the maker, the wearer, and the viewers.

Gallery Frangipani

Szentendre, Hungary