‘Jewelry offers us a language we can use to tell the world who we are, what we stand for, or who we would like to be. And we can use jewelry to actively set ourselves apart from the masses, thus emphasizing our individuality.’



2-day cultural, scientific program in connection with the Szentendre Night and Day Festival event series.

Place: Ferenczy Museum Centre, ArtMill, Szentendre.
Date: 31 August – 1 September 2024.

We aim to create an international cultural and scientific event in Szentendre, the city of arts in Hungary, where eminent speakers will share their knowledge, experiences and research results presenting the latest trends in the conference programme. In contrast, the exhibition series will present fresh, modern contemporary approaches to jewellery design.

Our annual event allows us to present up-to-date knowledge and exhibits that are progressive and current with the latest professional trends.

The event comprises three parts: presenting artworks through cross-border processes, the scientific conference, and the artistic-scientific workshop. These elements complement each other, creating synergy by linking artworks, science, and art.

  1. Conference (31 August 2024, 9 – 18 h).
  2. Group exhibition series, contemporary jewelry , ArtMill Szentendre, then other venues.
  3. Knowledge-building group workshops (1 September 2024, 9 – 12 h).


The conference will explore the role of future virtual technologies in the arts, exploring the unique intersection of individual creativity and cultural context, while also highlighting current trends in contemporary jewellery design.

The event aims to deepen awareness of the intertwining of individual ways, traditions and contemporary art and to showcase the personal creative processes that create new meaning and beauty in this dialogue that spans centuries.     


Highlighting the international platform and ensuring the outstanding quality of the exhibited objects are primary considerations.

This will be achieved through an active marketing strategy on both national and international platforms, the provision of high quality exhibition space and the professionalism of an international, expert jury.

The exhibition focuses on the deeper meanings of jewelry and individual stories. In this approach, jewelry encapsulates significant moments of human life, cultural backgrounds, and personal narratives.

We encourage visitors to explore the profound meanings behind everyday objects and to discover the individual stories and experiences embodied in the creation of jewelry.

One of the goals of the exhibition is to showcase the aspect of contemporary jewelry creation that combines creativity and the expectations of modern jewelry design with considerations of wearability.

We need to convey the messages inherent in the exhibited artworks in a profound yet accessible manner, creating a more personal communication space between the makers, the artworks, and the viewer.

31st March 2024.

“InFlow” Organizing Team

Frangipani Studio & Gallery