The venue of our exhibition has been carefully chosen to reflect the diversity of the arts and to perfectly combine the harmony of culture and nature.

The ideal location was Szentendre, the “City of Arts”, which is not only not far from Budapest, but also easily accessible. The exhibition series will be presented in two wonderful venues in Szentendre and then in Budapest’s premier contemporary art space, Hybrid Art Space Gallery.

This picturesquely beautiful town is the home of the Ferenczy Museum Centrum ArtMill building, which with its unique spaces provides an ideal venue for both our exhibitions and the conference. The location offers a romantic but at the same time modern atmosphere.

Afterwards, the exhibition will be hosted in the idyllic surroundings of the Szentendre Old Artists’ Colony of Szentendre, on the banks of the Danube.

The 19th-century building of the former sawmill is one of the most interesting and special exhibition venues in Hungary. Based on the idea of painters Dezső Korniss and Pál Deim, the gallery was opened to the general public on the initiative of For Szentendre’s Art Foundation in cooperation with the Szentendre Architects’ Club in June 1999. The founders aimed to establish a modern artists’ center. The museum currently hosts temporary exhibitions.

It is the atmosphere, the diverse, special spaces, and the over one and a half decades of professional history of the ArtMill that makes it a definitive center for contemporary art not only on a local but also on an international scale. It is the third most important exhibition space in Hungary thanks to its features and its temporary exhibitions visited by a large number of people.

Ferenczy Museum Center — ArtMill

Szentendre, Bogdányi út 32, 2000

It is easily accessible by car or directly from the capital, Budapest by public transportation.

About Szentendre

Szentendre is perhaps the most difficult of the Danube Bend towns to describe, as it is probably the most famous Hungarian town in the world after Budapest. This is partly due to its proximity to the capital, as it is practically linked to it by the HÉV, but it is also easily accessible by bike, car, bus and boat.

The town is located at the gateway to the Danube Bend, at the junction of the Visegrád Hills and the Szentendre Danube, opposite Szentendre Island, in a beautiful natural setting.

It is also known as the “art capital of Hungary”, as it has inspired many artists over the centuries, just as it does today, with its picturesque surroundings and charming old town streets. It is famous for its museums and art galleries. That is why we chose this idyllic, inspiring setting for our event.

Szentendre is a real tourist paradise, with a wide variety of festivals and cultural events, which makes it a great place to spend a day or more.

During the “InFlow” exhibition and conference, one of the city’s greatest cultural events, the Szentendre Night and Day Festival, will take place. During this weekend, the streets of the city and the Danube waterfront will be filled with cultural events, concerts and performances, all free of charge. As a special treat, some of the houses and homes will be open, where families organise cultural events for the public and we can enjoy it in a pleasant atmosphere. The city is transformed into a veritable cultural hub.

Szentendre, old town

If you want to go for a walk around Szentendre, the town also offers great opportunities. For smaller walks, the Danube embankment, the banks of the Bükkös stream and the Szentendre Japanese Garden are good choices.

From the church dome, you can take amazingly exciting pictures of Szentendre’s city centre, and this area is also a 5-6 minute walk from the main square.

For hikers used to longer hikes, the Lajos Spring and the Dömörkapu Waterfall are a surprise, both accessible for a while by car and public transport.

The excursion boats between Budapest and Esztergom also stop at Szentendre station, but if you just want to take a cruise along the most beautiful stretch of the Danube in the city, there is also a possibility.

We believe that this charming city will offer our visitors and guests a fantastic experience.