"InFlow" Conference The intersections of identity and modernity

2-day cultural, scientific program in connection with the Szentendre Night and Day Festival event series

Ferenczy Museum Centre, ArtMill, Szentendre.

Date: 31 August – 1 September 2024.

The events of the program:

  1. Conference (31 August 2024).
  2. Thematic, group exhibition series of contemporary jewelry 
    (31 August – 1 September 2024 ArtMill Szentendre, and then other venues untid 13rd of October)
  3. Creativ Design Group Workshops (1 September 2024)



We aim to create an international cultural and scientific event in Szentendre, the city of arts in Hungary, where eminent speakers will share their knowledge, experiences and research results presenting the latest trends in the conference programme, while the exhibition series will present fresh, modern contemporary approaches to jewellery design.

It is important to create new values and synergies in this project, building a deeper connection between personal ways and modern art, while exploiting the potential of technology and the use of new materials in the creative process.

The event is divided into three parts: the presentation of artworks through cross-border processes, the scientific conference, and the artistic-scientific workshop. These elements complement each other, creating synergy by linking artworks, science, and art.

Objectives, questions to which we seek answers:

  1. Modernity
    What interactions are created when traditional techniques and motifs are placed in a modern context? How does a contemporary, narrative jewelry approach transform ancient forms and tools? How can the use of modern materials create object harmony?
  2. Synergies:
    How can new ideas, styles, and techniques inspire each other? How can we be faithful to tradition without regressing the creative process?
  3. Technology and use of materials in the creative process:
    How can modern technologies and materials facilitate the creative process? How can these tools create a deeper connection with our traditions? What are the digital world’s possibilities and the use of technological innovations in artistic expression?
  4. The expression of belonging and identity in art:
    How can creative art contribute to strengthening a sense of belonging and expressing identity? How can these subtle “voices” be translated into contemporary jewelry art formulations?



It’s important for us that this project fosters new values and synergies, allowing us to forge deeper connections between our own design concepts and the current trends in contemporary jewelry design.

The event aims to deepen awareness of the intertwining of individual ways, traditions and contemporary art and to showcase the personal creative processes that create new meaning and beauty in this dialogue that spans centuries.       

I. DAY Conference, round table


  1. Knowledge management tools for creative work and knowledge transfer
    Dr. Ferenc Kiss, President, MTA GB Knowledge Management Working Committee
  2. The role of future virtual
    technologies in the arts
    Prof. Péter Baranyi, Professor, PhD, Research Professor, Budapest Corvinus University
  1. International Synergies in contemporary narrative jewellery 

    Roundtable discussion

  2. ‘The Noisy Narrative of the Inanimate Object’. Contemporary narrative jewelry through context and personal practice.
    Dr Jack Cunningham, Emeritus Professor, jeweller, academic, curator. 
  1. Design Thinking
    Katalin Jermakov, Noémi Ferenczy award-winning jewelry designer, MANA Design Studio
  1. VIII Contemporary Goldsmithing Exhibition: experiences on international exhibitionsand the current creative trends found within.
    Magdalena Vélez Salinas, President, Co-Founder AdOC Association (Contemporary Goldsmith and Jewelers Association), Madrid
  1. Nexus, connections of material and message in contemporary jewelry
    Carlo Lucidi, artist, curator, gallerist, Rome, Carlo Lucidi Gallery 
  1. “Not lost, just transformed”, reflections on contemporary jewelry through jewelry history analogies
    Andrea Alt jewellery expert

A summary of the conference will be published, and available online.

An electronic synopsis of the collections of the Exhibition will be produced.

DAY II: Creative Design Workshops with Jury experts

This programme is only for the artists selected for the exhibition.

On the second day, we are organising a session work with the participation of expert members of the jury.

In this process, in addition to artistic expressions, we equally utilize the results of modern sciences, their tools, and the methods of group dynamics.

The aim is to provide an opportunity for exhibiting and aspiring artists to collaborate with expert jury members and other artists in a creative design process. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to develop new concepts collectively, which they could then further develop individually in the future. The resulting artworks will be continuously published on our media platforms.

This initiative is part of an exciting team/community development experiment, in which diversity and various international experiences and practices can come together, leading to deep planning processes.

For this process, we will use both the results of modern science, and its tools for group dynamics, in addition to artistic formulations. 

All of this creates opportunities to build a deeper connection with our cultural heritage and identity while opening new avenues for artistic creativity, also taking advantage of the synergies of international collaboration.

Szentendre, 2024. 29th of February

“InFlow” Organizing Team

Frangipani Studio & Gallery