Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition & Competition

International, Open, Juried
Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition & Competition

The call is open to all contemporary jewelry designers, jewellers and artists, collectives, schools, and galleries from Hungary and abroad, regardless of age, education, and experience.



Exhibition Brief:

“Our past determines the present, and that history is key to our future. The genre of narrative jewelry is a perfect vehicle to explore topics of personal interest, whether profound or novel, creating new perspectives and approaches.

The challenge for participants is to communicate their past or current experiences, their journeys and research, and generate wearable objects, which provoke, surprise and/or entertain the viewer.” (Prof. Dr. Jack Cunningham)

At the core of this lies a fundamental question: 

How can your personal story shape your approach to jewellery design and catalyse creative discovery and innovation?

‘Jewelry offers us a language we can use to tell the world who we are, what we stand for, or who we would like to be. And we can use jewelry to actively set ourselves apart from the masses, thus emphasizing our individuality.’ (Veiteberg)

 ‘All works of art is a container in which the artist has deposed his ideas, emotions, doubts, experiences, impressions, and definitely a part of himself, in the intention of reconnecting it all.’ (Ramon Puig Cuyas)

The ‘time’ in the life of the maker in which it has been created, and the ‘space’ the piece occupies in the life of the wearer in the telling of its story, are referred to as ‘narrative space’ by Paul Cobley.

“The wonder is not in the material of the jewellery. Nor in the decoration, nor in the attachment to tradition. Wearing works of metal, stone, bone or anything else on our bodies, or even in our bodies, preserves individual stories. But to transform any object that plays an important role either in our own lives or in the material world of the cultural milieu that defines us, as jewellery is created, is a miracle in itself. This is how man experiences the unity of Earth and Heaven…” (Katalin Jermakov)


Art Mill Szentendre

Szentendre Old Artists Colony




31th August – 1st September

6th September – 122nd September

23rd. September – 13rd October

An international expert jury will select the entries. There will be published an online catalogue of the exhibition, with a description of artists and objects.


  1.   Dr. Jack Cunningham, Emeritus Professor
  2.   Carlo Lucidi, artist, curator, gallerist, Rome, Carlo Lucidi Gallery
  3.   Magdalena Vélez Salinas, President, Co-Founder AdOC Contemporary Goldsmith and Jewelers Association, Madrid
  4.   Katalin Jermakov, Ferenczy Noémi award winner jewelry designer, Mana Design Studio
  5.   István Simonyi, art historian, writer, jewellery collector
  6.   Balázs Bajcsy Nagy, artist, jewelry designer, and member of the Board of the National Association of Precious Metalworkers and Related Trade


“InFlow” Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition & Conference Team, and Frangipani Studio & Gallery, Hungary, Szentendre.


Artists will also be awarded in some categories of the competition:

  1.   Creative Jewelry 
  2.   Innovative Jewelry 
  3.   Audience Award 

Let’s explore the boundless potential of personal storytelling and create jewelry, that resonates with profound, authentic meaning.