International, Open, Juried Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

Theme: “Personal Narrative Spaces”

Exhibition Brief:

“Our past determines the present, and that history is key to our future. The genre of narrative jewelry is a perfect vehicle to explore topics of personal interest, whether profound or novel, creating new perspectives and approaches.

The challenge for participants is to communicate their past or current experiences, their journeys and research, and generate wearable objects, which provoke, surprise and/or entertain the viewer.” — Dr. Jack Cunningham

At the core of this lies a fundamental question: 

How does your personal story inform your approach to jewelry design, and how can it catalyse creative exploration and innovation? 

The ‘time’ in the life of the maker in which it has been created, and the ‘space’ the piece occupies in the life of the wearer in the telling of its story, are referred to as ‘narrative space’ by Paul Cobley.

Feel welcome to creatively reflect on your journeys, drawing inspiration from your memories, cultural backgrounds, and personal beliefs. We aim to showcase jewelry that not only honours tradition but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in contemporary design.

“How does a work reflect the cultural tradition and its special techniques and expression forms? And how is this tradition implemented creatively through this work, updated, and projected into the future?
Every designer and every juror must ask themself this question that is always connected to an intensive confrontation with history, knowledge, experience, and one’s curiosity for the process of creating art.”  — Thomas Stangier

Key Elements:

  • Culture: Presenting cultural traditions and techniques related to jewelry design: knowledge of historical practices, materials, and symbols.
  • Innovation: Reinterpreting conventional expressions: experimenting with materials, forms, analogies, and storytelling methods.
  • Personal Narrative: Reflecting the designer’s personal story, incorporating elements of cultural background, memories, and beliefs. Authentic meaning is an essential aspect.
  • Exploration and Future Projection: Creatively redefining cultural identity, updating it to reflect contemporary sensibilities while preserving its essence. Designs should not only honour tradition but also project it into the future.

“All works of art is a container in which the artist has deposed his ideas, emotions, doubts, experiences, impressions, and definitely a part of himself, in the intention of reconnecting it all.”  — Ramon Puig Cuyas

We encourage you to explore the boundless potential of personal storytelling and create jewelry, that resonates with profound, authentic meaning.